Dream Marriage Program


Our group coaching is great for couples who need some help and want to be intentional about creating a change. There’s something about coming together as a group that makes for a lot of fun in the process. This is a one time payment and we stick with you until you feel we are no longer needed. Most couples are ready to move to our mastermind group after four weeks, and others need eight.



Part 1 – Let’s Get Real – Put it all out there. Be extremely honest.
– We’re going to get real & You’re going to get real
– We can’t move on until this happens fully.
– It’s not a blame game, this is about getting real with your emotions.
– This isn’t going to work until you choose.
– We’re not leaving open wounds. The point is to create a unified purpose for staying together.

It’s important that we do each part well. It can take minutes, or months. It’s really up to you how long this process takes. Sometimes being vulnerable is difficult, but ultimately each person is responsible for their own part. One way or the other, we will only move forward together.

Part 2 – Choices – Now that you know everyone’s stuff, what are you going to do about it.
– How have these things affected each other
– What choices do we need to make toward each other?
– Action follows a heart decision.

Part 3 – Actions & Tools

Anytime access via txt or message (response time within 24hrs)

Bonus 1 – Deepening Connection

Bonus 2 – Sex Talk